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The city of Montreal is, for some, a huge adult park where meetings are commonplace, whether for business or for personal enjoyment. It is therefore essential for certain outings or weekends to be accompanied by a person of quality.

Fortunately, our escort agency serves Montreal with our beautiful girls who will enhance your image.

Are escorts taboo? In Montreal, of course not! Stroll downtown, even into the underground of Montreal itself, and you can guess that many men are accompanied by an escort. A beautiful woman and a classy woman is as visible as a beautiful car, it's a fact. Escorts of Queens of Spades, however, are often also academics. In short, you could be accompanied not only by a beautiful escort of high end level, but by an escort who has a brain on her pretty shoulders.

Aristocratic decorum supported by the curve of their beauty, these are the escorts of Queens of Spades, that is what is needed for every man in search of a woman, whether you are an individual or a businessman.


Our escorts also work in Laval, of course. Besides, Laval is almost the northern extension of Montreal. Queens of Spades will send you escorts from one end of the city to the other, from Saint-François to Laval-sur-le-Lac.

Want to know more about our escorts? Do not hesitate to contact us, and ask for the best: our escorts.


Beauty, luxury and fun, gentlemen, it’s our Longueuil escorts that will bring it to you. The outings in the evening, the sleepless nights in the company of an aphrodite, does that suits you?

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