About VIP Agencies


The Escort and You

If our escorts are VIP, our customers are also VIP. An escort agency that offers VIP service stands out from the average not only by a courteous, fast and discreet service, but also by a distinguished know-how.

VIP Agencies

In addition, an escort agency like Queens of Spades offers you real girls. How many times have you contacted an agency, made an appointment, to find yourself with a girl who has not, by far, the promised appearance you saw on the agency's website? This is commonplace, even in a big city like Montreal. A self-respecting VIP escort agency will not mislead you from the start with false representations.
In short, VIP is first and foremost honest, 100%.

Experienced Escorts

Is an escort who has the required experience to offer VIP service necessarily older? Well, not at all!

At Queens of Spades at least, let's say that girls are in constant formation. The older ones share their know-how and past experiences, good or bad. Thus, our young escorts still in their early twenties are accompaniers of much higher quality than they should naturally be.

Moreover, the escort agency Queens of Spades does not hesitate to refuse certain new recruits who do not respect its criteria of hiring. Any escort does not necessarily work here ...

Do not forget, gentlemen of experience, that our Montreal customer service remains available for any comment on your part. Do not hesitate!